How To Write A Great College Essay

Knowing how to write a college essay in a proper way is half the battle. Mastering the art of writing it in a short period of time brings you to a whole new level. This complete guide below will determine how to write a great college essay step by step for you to achieve the best possible results.

Sooner or later, each student wonders how to write a college essay. Admission is not a reason for experiments, so forewarned is forearmed. Knowing how to write a college essay is the half success of your admission.

Your essay is a sort of a direct dialogue with your admission commission. Thus, you should do your best, so they pay attention and give you a chance for a scholarship. This complete guide below will determine how to write a great college essay step by step.

It should help you not only get basic knowledge on essay writing but also teach you how to create an outstanding essay on your own even if you don’t possess brilliant writing skills.

How to Write a College Application Essay Step by Step

Writing a college essay isn’t that difficult if you know the stages of process. Quite often, it’s pretty difficult to start. The best way would be not to procrastinate and start the soonest. Yes, this might sound too stale, but this is true.

By doing this, you can create lots of drafts before you come up with your final version. But before you even choose your topic and wonder how to write a winning college application essay, you’d better visit the site of the school you want to enter and find out their requirements for application essays.

Now, as you have completed the above-mentioned steps, let’s see what each stage of the writing process is:

  1. Read the prompts.
  2. Brainstorm. Brainstorming is one of the first things you should do if you want to know how to write a great college essay. To complete this step successfully, you should:
    • Gather all your life experience to use it as a strong example. Think of what your strongsides are and what your friends think about you;
    • Writedown each  If you don’t do this, you may forget something really valuable, so try to note everything that comes to your mind;
    • Choose the best Narrow everything down and choose three top ideas that would fit your prompt. Evaluate each of them and think what will be the most interesting to the admission board;
    • Tellyour  Pick one best idea to tell your story. Rely on your personal experience and use the details to show your best qualities and goals.
  1. Write an Don’t neglect this step. Creating an outline is your key to a successful paper. It helps to form your ideas into one entity and have a much better understanding of what your essay should look like:
    • Write an introduction, body part, and a conclusion. Follow this structure no matter what the typeof your essay is;
    • Think of the hook – how are you going to start your paper(a question, an anecdote, a quote, etc.);
  2. Pick your tone and style. If you plan your plot in advance, you won’t have to change your style in the middle of the writing process.
  3. Write your paper.
  4. Proofread your college essay. This is, last but not least, part of the writing process. Proofreading and editing are crucial. You have even no idea how grammar and other mistakes influence your success. To proofread successfully, do the following:
    • Put your essay aside for some time (24 hours is perfect);
    • Reread it when 24 hours are over;
    • See whether all sentences have a logical flow and relate to each other. If not, improve it;
    • Eliminate all the sentences that do not have any significance;
    • Check your essay with a special online tool for grammar and stylistic mistakes;
    • Ask someone (family members, friends, etc.) to read the paper and tell their opinion (listen to it even if they criticized you).

Now, as the preparation is finished, you can start writing. As it was mentioned above, an essay consists of three parts. Let’s see how to write to each of them.

How to Write a Good College Essay Introduction

An introduction is crucial for your essay. It should start with a particular hook that grabs the attention of your reader. It can begin with an anecdote, quote, statistics, question, or just an interesting sentence. Remember to:

  • Keep the reader’s interest from the very beginning till the last word;
  • Stay specific and avoid general phrases or clichés, be unique;
  • Never rewrite or plagiarize your essay; your story should be written for a specific college and should be your own one;
  • Keep your introduction short.

How to Write a College Essay Format

Everything is clear with the format of your college essay. Remember the following:

  • Write on one side of the paper only;
  • 1,5 inches on the top and left sides and 1 inch on the bottom and right sides;
  • Essay pages are to be numbered (on the right corner of the header).

How to Write a Header for a College Essay

A header is a section on the top margin of every page of your essay. If it is on the bottom, it is called the footer. As a rule, you can state page numbers in a header or footer. When it comes to a college essay, you number pages only on the right corner of the header.

Main Body

The body normally consists of three paragraphs. Regardless of the topic, remember to stick to a logical flow and present your main idea throughout your entire paper. Supportive facts are a must. Use evidence that relates to the story.

Remember to be unique and true; don’t “invent” any facts or evidence. Provide only real-life examples. Admission officers have a very rich experience, and they can easily distinguish if you lie. This will lower your chances a lot.

How to Write a Good Conclusion for a College Essay

The conclusion isn’t less important than a strong introduction. It is the last paragraph, and thus, it should leave an unforgettable impression. If it is too boring or weak, don’t count for a good result. Restate your personal statement in conclusion but don’t repeat it; better paraphrase, use different expressions.

Do not add any additional information in this paragraph. It cannot be long – just one paragraph. Keep everything clear and only summarize your thoughts here. Give your admission members the reasons to think about what they’ve read.

How to Write a Good College Essay: Top Experts’ Tips

You may not be sure of how to write a college admission essay, but you can use some simple tips from experts that would help you create a good and outstanding paper. Just keep in mind the following:

  • You don’t have to write about your life experience if you don’t want to. For lots of people, talking about their personal experience or struggles is a challenge. Choose another topic or go into too many details;
  • You shouldn’t necessarily write about your career. You wonder how to write a why this college essay, so just know that you are not obliged to write about your future profession even if you know what your future career is. Just tell about your reasons for choosing a particular school;
  • Always mention only relevant facts, evidence, and information. It’s effortless to deviate from the topic, so try to avoid mentioning something that doesn’t relate to your main plot. Keep your thoughts short and precise, and your reader shouldn’t lose the main idea;
  • If you don’t know how to write a college essay MLA format, use samples online, and see how exactly it’s better to structure your paper. Use credible sources only;
  • Devote enough time to your personal statement to make it strong. A boring personal statement is a failure, so make sure it is a standout one with not common and generalized language and topic;
  • To make sure your paragraphs connect well, highlight each paragraph’s first sentence, and see whether they have a connection. If they don’t, paraphrase them or substitute at all so your paper would be one entity;
  • If you wonder how to write a college level essay, do your research before you even start. Research on school, their requirements, as well as your possible topic;
  • Never procrastinate. A good essay cannot be written within as fast as one day. Take enough time for each writing stage.

How to Write a College Persuasive Essay: Use the Help of Experts

Knowing how to write a personal essay for college is a must for every student. However, not all of people have brilliant writing skills. When working on this assignment, it is necessary to show writing skills and your research, analytical, and critical thinking abilities.

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