How Important Are College Essays

According to statistics, one-quarter of your application belongs to college essays. Writing a good essay is an essential part of any application process, so we do not recommend neglecting it. Read further to find out the reasons on why college essays are so important.

College essays make lots of students tremble but are they really so terrifying? According to statistics, one-quarter of your application belongs to college essays. By the way, extracurricular activity makes a bit more, namely 30%.

The competition at each university is extremely high, and the college essays help admission boards cope with it. An essay helps evaluate each candidate deeper. You can speak to the school of your choice through your college essay, so neglecting this opportunity wouldn’t be wise.

How Important Are Essays in College Admissions?

Lots of students think of how important are college application essays when they face the challenge of writing and realize their entrance may depend on this small piece of paper. No one should underestimate the importance of essays, but there is no need to overestimate them as well.


To realize how important are essays for college, necessary to understand that their importance depends on some aspects:

  • Type of the chosen school. This is an important factor because the competition is much higher in public schools than in private institutions. When entering a public school, you have to worry about your academic results first of all. You are evaluated by your test scores and GPA. Essays do not have such a big impact.

But keep in mind that if a public school is very selective, the essay will play a key role for your entrance because of a large number of highly valuable candidates. In this case, the final choice can be made thanks to reading their essays.

When the school isn’t so selective, essays are a great way to test the applicant. Their admission officers tend to spend more time on reading your story. So if you are aimed to enter one of such private educational institutions, be sure the essay will play an important role to show them your profile much deeper.

  • Your profile. Unfortunately, your grades play a really crucial role in your entrance. So an essay can contribute to the overall impression if your grades are above average. But if your scores are not that high and are much lower than those of other candidates, a perfect essay will hardly save the situation and give you a big chance.

But don’t despair at once. Even if you are not on the list of top students, a really strong essay might show your wish to study in that college. Of course, you have nothing to be scared of if your scores and grades are extremely high. You’re already a pretty valuable candidate for the institution. But still, pay special attention to your essay not to spoil the overall impression about yourself. Prove that you are the best by providing a top admission essay.

  • Your major. If you have certain talents or achievements, an essay still matters. You can find out how important are college essays if you know you’re major. An essay is something that describes how exactly you fit that faculty. So, for future journalists, for example, it’s important to show your experience in a school newspaper, etc.

State your talent, depending on your future profession. Each person has his or her strengths and weaknesses, and you should show a perfect understanding of your strong sides.

Even if writing skills are not as important for your major, don’t submit a poorly-written essay. It will only confuse the officers. They read tons of papers, and if yours is worse than the rest of them, you will hardly make a great impression.


Essays are inevitable, and they make a lion share of your admission no matter what your major is. Writing a good essay is an essential part of the process, so we do not recommend neglecting it. Essay writing is important for both top students and the average ones.

Sometimes, you realize how important are college essays only when they affect your entrance to the desired college. So, if you have no time, no skills, or necessary knowledge on how to write a great essay, better use the help of those who may help.

You can ask your friends, family members, to assist you in it. Or rely on our College Essay Writing Services with professional writers who are at your disposal 24/7 and ready to compose an outstanding essay for you.

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